Gaudis AG and Fromagerie Amstutz SA merge


After a successful collaboration, Christina Bachmann-Roth (Managing Director of Gaudis) and Menno Amstutz (Managing Director of Fromagerie Amstutz) have decided to go their common ways in the future.

As of 1 January 2022, Fromagerie Amstutz will take over Gaudis AG. Founder and Managing Director of Gaudis AG, Christina Bachmann-Roth, will become a member of the Board of Directors of Fromagerie Amstutz. In a first step, the structures of the two companies will remain unchanged.

Courageously treading new paths together
The takeover of Gaudis AG by Fromagerie Amstutz SA creates valuable synergies for both companies. Their respective competences complement each other perfectly. Until the two companies have grown together, processes are now being adapted and cooperation further strengthened.

Fromagerie Amstutz produces Gaudis extra hard cheese, known under the brand names Gran Duro, EmmaGianna or Wiesengrana. Gaudis takes the extra hard cheese from the salt bath and matures it in its own cheese maturing warehouse in Beromünster. Gaudis is thus positioning itself as a specialist in the production and processing of Swiss vegetarian extra-hard cheese, which is close to its origins and where the entire value chain, from production to packaging, is and remains entirely in Switzerland.

About Fromagerie Amstutz SA

Fromagerie Amstutz SA is a private family business in western Switzerland at around 1000m above sea level, run by owner and certified master cheese maker Menno Amstutz. The cheese dairy processes top-quality mountain milk produced by 45 local milk producers. The high-quality products are highly regarded both nationally and internationally. Amstutz and his team of 12 employees produce Gruyère AOP as well as regional products such as Fornet. Their most successful product, however, is Tête de Moine AOP. The Fromagerie pays great attention to quality, is ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 certified and also has various national certifications, such as Bio Suisse, Suisse Garantie, IPS and Produits du terroir. It is committed to sustainability, a large photovoltaic system has already been installed over the cheese dairy roof, everyone from wholesalers to small private customers are served, the joy in the production and in the finesse in the affinage are alive.

About Gaudis

Gaudis is a cheese trader and affineur. The company operates its own cheese processing centre in Beromünster for the affinage and processing as well as commissioning of Gaudis cheese. Gaudis specialises in the production and processing of vegetarian* Swiss extra-hard cheese close to its origins, where the entire value chain, from production to packaging, is and remains in Switzerland. By specialising in the affinage, processing and marketing of Gaudis cheese, Gaudis acts as a partial producer and works with various cheese dairies throughout Switzerland that produce Gaudis extra-hard cheese, as well as Gaudis specialities, under licence and according to Gaudis recipes.

Further information

Christina Bachmann-Roth
Managing Director Gaudis AG
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