Key figures

  • 1km The distance that you need to walk, drive or run, to reach the Canton "La republique du Jura"
  • 365 Amount of days that we are making cheese
  • 43 Number of dairy farmers who love milking cows.
  • 100km Total kilometers each day for our Milk Truck
  • 20km The maximum distance from the cheese factory in bird's eye view
  • 18 - 24 thousand Kg. This is our daily Milk amount that we have the pleasure to make into good CHEESE
  • 10kg Amount of milk you need to make 1 Tête de Moine AOP
  • 14kg Amount of milk for 1 Kg of Tête Dure
  • 2x Open cooper cheese vat, with max of 3000 liters
  • 1x Cooper cheese vat for 8000 liters
  • 1500-2500 Pieces. That is how Many Tête de Moine cheese that we produce per day.
  • 25x - 35x How many times we have to brusch the Tête de Moine AOP befor it is ready to be sold.
  • 150'000 Place in the cellar Tête de Moine cheese
  • 19 employees for, Collecting the milk, making the cheese and brushing
  • 10 employees for, Administration, Finance , Maintenance and Orders


The vision from "Fromagerie Amstutz" is to perpetuate the cheese-making tradition while being open to innovation, preserving the family spirit and committing to sustainable and resilient management to ensure product quality and the long-term future of the company.

  1. Tradition and quality: Maintaining the cheese-making tradition by producing high-quality cheeses using traditional methods.
  2. Customer-supplier relations: Valuing and cultivating strong relationships with our customers and suppliers, recognising the importance of these partnerships to the success of our business.
  3. Co-management and internal collaboration: To promote a model of co-management, where one woman and one man work closely together to ensure the company's success. Foster a culture of collaboration and mutual respect between all our employees, recognising that each member of our team plays an essential role in the company's success.
  4. Innovative spirit: Creatively meeting challenges and seeking out new opportunities to innovate in the cheese business.
  5. Sustainability and passing on: To ensure the long-term future of the company by preserving the family spirit and passing on know-how to future generations.
  6. Energy self-sufficiency: Reduce dependence on external energy sources by aiming for energy self-sufficiency.
  7. Crisis resilience: Develop resilience to economic and other crises, by putting in place measures to maintain long-term stability and growth.