With the arrival of the Anabaptists persecuted by the Berne authorities in the mid-16th century, agriculture underwent a qualitative development in the bishopric of Basel. The Anabaptists, who constantly had to justify their right to remain in the country, found refuge in farming as best they could.

Bellelay Abbey entrusted the running of its farms to the Anabaptists, who continued to make cheese.

Village cheese dairies appeared at the end of the 19th century, producing larger, more exportable Gruyère. However, increasing professionalization meant that "Bellelay cheese" (now called "Tête de Moine") and Jura cheeses soon disappeared, but never completely - thanks to the Anabaptists.

Emile Rätz, fromager in Fornet-Dessous, was a regular visitor when the Gerbers were making Tête de Moine. He began producing it himself in 1913.

In 1954, Ulrich Amstutz took over the Fornet-Dessous cheese dairy.
In 1956 his son Daniel took over immediately after his apprenticeship.

Chronology of the Amstutz family

  • 1956 Daniel Amstuzet Ruth Kipfer
  • 1983 Construction of the new cheese dairy
  • Daniel Amstutz Senior and Ruth Kipfer
  • 1985 Fromagerie Moron, milk buyer and cheesemaker of Tête de Moine and Moron Daniel Amstutz
  • Daniel Amstutz takes over with his wife Beatrice Rediger
  • 1991 Family cooperation between the two brothers
  • Eric Amstutz with his wife Brigitte
  • Daniel Amstutz with his wife Beatrice
  • 1997 Purchase Fromagerie Le Fuet and transformation
  • 1998 Purchase of Fromagerie Chatelât.
  • 1998 Organic quality milk is processed at Le Fuet and a store is opened
  • Eric Amstutz with his wife Brigitta
  • 2001 Construction of Fornet Hangar Sud and Cellar for 150'000 Tête de Moine in Fornet
  • 2003 Amstutz Menno - Finishes CFC diploma
  • 2005 Fromagerie Amstutz SA change of status to limited company
  • 2005 Amstutz Menno joins Fromagerie Amstutz
  • 2019 Amstutz Menno and his wife Carla Amstutz-Lahdensuo take over the cheese dairy.
  • 2021 Start of Tête dure production
  • 2021 Takeover of "Gaudis AG
  • 2022 Co-managed with Bachmann-Roth Christina.