Tête de Moine AOP

Tête de Moine AOP, Bellelay cheese is a first-class product crafted in small cheese dairies according to traditional methods which have to comply with the requirements of the AOP specifications.

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Protected denomination of origin (PDO/AOC)Tête de Moine AOC, Bellelay cheese, is registered as a prodected designation of origin (AOC): the milk has to come from the area of origin and that the cheese has to be produced and matured within the area according to traditional procedures as set down in the AOC specifications. Its name is derived from the former Monastery of Bellelay in the Swiss Jura.
Origin and production areaMountain area in the districts of Franches-Montagnes, Moutier, Porrentruy and Courtelary in the Swiss Jura.
Raw materialNatural, untreated mountain milk from cows fed without silage.
The use of additives to manufacture this cheese is prohibited.
Shape, size, weightCylindrical wheels, 10 – 15 cm in diameter with a minimum height of 70 – 100 % of the diameter. Weight 700 – 900 g.
Fat contentMin. 51 % fat in dry matter.
RindNatural, firm, brown to reddish-brown.
BodyIvory-coloured to light yellow (depending on time of the year).
Holes1 – 8 mm in diameter, rather sparse, a few small cracks.
TextureDelicate, soft.
FlavourPurely aromatic, its strength depends on the ripening time.
Ripening timeTête de Moine AOC (Classic) at least 75 days.
Tête de Moine AOC RESERVE at least 4 months
Special featuresTête de Moine should not be cut, but pared to form rosettes straight after being taken out of the refrigerator. It is recomend-ed to use half a wheel and put it onto the Girolle for paring.
Products on offerTête de Moine AOC (Classic) :
  • Round whole cheese (cling film or grey aluminium foil)
  • ½ cheese (cling film)
  • Rosette shaped slices (tubs)
Tête de Moine AOC RESERVE :
  • Round whole cheese (gold aluminium foil)
Nutritional values on average per 100 g